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TITAN believes in protecting the environment whenever economically possible and technically feasible

For several years we have reduced our use of non-sustainable rain forests for container floors. Over the past 3 years almost all our new rental containers have been built using Bamboo flooring and where possible we ask for the same floor material in new sales containers. Unfortunately many customers still insist on hardwood plywood floors but we are making progress.

We are in close contact with paint manufacturers and have already commenced using water based paint systems where we realistically can.

The continued use of older containers, those considered no longer suitable by shipping lines and international leasing companies, for storage and export shipping after repair saves the environment massive CO2 emissions, demands on energy and natural resource reserves.

TITAN started replacing R12 with CFC free refrigerants in 1994 and since 2005 we have introduced new technology refrigerated machinery with the added advantage of greatly reduced power consumption. Tests completed in 2008 show a power saving of up to 80% with new technology containers and machines when compared to typical used reefer containers. We expect all "old technology" machines to be withdrawn from service in 2008.

We believe in the shortest possible transport of empty containers by offering many depot locations. This offers financial benefit to our customers together with environmental savings.

Thinking "green" with TITAN helps the environment and saves you money!

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