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New and used shipping and storage containers for sale and hire throughout the U.K.

There any many reasons for looking to hire or buy a shipping or storage container! We offer the widest possible selection of new and used containers and if needed we can build or modify to your specific needs.

Everyone can use containers and TITAN has them almost everywhere!

As a premier UK supplier for many years our product range and depot network is second to none.

Competitive prices, flexible terms, extensive depot network and in house HIAB's ensure positive customer experiences in all parts of the UK.

Used for international shipping over the past 40 years, shipping containers have become a part of everyday life. Don't be satisfied with less than we deliver, every time!

In the event you can not find what you are looking for then please use quote button to email or call us.

3 offices and more than 30 TITAN's are just waiting to serve you.

01179 827 801 South West & Wales
01375 396 456 London, SE and Midlands
01482 581 154 M62 and North

Or use the quick quote button to send us your request.

Some common reasons to buy or rent 10ft, 20ft and 40ft shipping and storage containers:


  • Project shipping - factory and production line relocation, mega projects like new airports, refineries, cement factories, wind and solar farms, military and commercial explosives and other IMO hazardous cargoes and miltary hardware. The most common reason for using SOC (Shippers Own Containers) is to avoid massive demurrage bills for delayed empty return by the shipping lines. There can also be massive logistics savings when picking the empty container up and returning it again when empty.
  • Supermarkets, shops and other outlets will often hire storage containers as additional safe, reliable and dry storage for end of season unsold products or pre-season stockpiling.
  • Distributors often need extra space when their clients suddenly increase volumes.
  • Manufacturers and producers can be faced with seasonally higher demand or unexpected level of stocks.
  • Growers and the agricultural sector can have bumper yields and need to delay market deliveries to avoid lower commodity pricing.
  • Relocating businesses and departments need temporary furniture, document storage and logistics when moving.
  • Moving home often requires short term storage of your valuable personal effects and furniture.
  • Long term postings abroad.
  • Downsizing your home - eg from a 4 bedroom house to 2 bedroom apartment.
  • Renovating or adding to your office or personal home and property.
  • Seasonal storage of winter effects during the summer and summer effects, like canoes, bikes, garden furniture, BBQ's, and boats during the winter months.
  • Emergencies and natural disasters like flooding or storm damage.
  • Eradictaing infestations in personal effects and clothing. Even your car can be frozen clean.
  • Safe storage of tools and building materials when working on building and construction sites.
  • Refurbishment,repair or replacing old cold storage facilities.
  • Car storage, seasonal or due to going abroad for a longer period of time.




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