Fresh & frozen Fish and Shellfish, even Tuna storage

Is another common application. Our containers feature hermetic drains and are easy to clean to maintain hygienic conditions in the cold store.

Oily fish are often best stored at -30°C/-22°F to -40°C/-40°F and Tuna even colder at -50°C/-58°F to -60°C/-76°F. ArcticStores operate as low as -40°C/-40°F and our Arctic Ultra Freezer is great for storing Tuna at down to -65°C/-85°F.

Low fan speed at chill temperatures reduces dehydration of wet fished being stored on ice. There are hermetically sealing drains at each corner.

Freezing harvested and farmed fresh fish is a common application for our portable blast freezer, the ArcticBlast