Car storage by TITAN Containers

If you're looking for a secure way of keeping your car under lock and key, one of our storage containers could be the perfect solution. Most cars and vehicles can safely be driven into a shipping container and stored for longer or shorter periods.

In the UK you can store your car, vehicle or boat in a container at most of our self storage sites shown under locations. We can supply ramps in most sites for access during the office opening hours or by appointment. 

In addition to cars, our self storage sites also store vintage cars, motorbikes, small sailing boats, speed boats, canoes, kayak, surf boards and other super-sized items in our 20' and 40' containers.

WHERE CAN you store your car?


Whilst all enquiries are subject to availability in your preferred location, we are able to offer car storage across most of our sites in the United Kingdom. Contact us to find out more or send an enquiry specifying where you require the service and we will do our outmost to assist you wherever possible.


In the meantime, we have prepared some helpful advice you should consider before putting your car into storage.

Dirty or old engine oil can thicken over time and make the engine difficult to start after storage. This step is recommended by most vehicle manufacturers as old engine oil can contain contaminates that can damage the engine over time.

To over inflate the tyres or use tire jacks will help prevent flat spots on the tyres from sitting unmoved for long periods.

 It is a good idea to wash and wax the outside of the car and clean and vacuum the inside. A clean outside removes things that can eat away at the car's finish (Bird droppings, for example) and prevents corrosion. A clean inside prevents things such as dirt, food, and residues from festering and causing mould.

 Filling the tank with fuel prevents the tank seals from drying out and condensation building up in the tank, causing issues when you next drive the vehicle. Adding the stabilizer preserves the fuel and also prevents damage to the fuel system. Usually you will add 1 ounce of stabilizer for every 3-5 gallons of fuel, but check the label on the stabilizer to be sure.

 The best way to keep your car battery in great shape during storage is to buy a trickle charger as this will keep the battery ready to use. Unfortunately, if you're storing your car in a self storage container, electricity isn’t always at hand. In this case you could disconnect the negative terminal on the battery to stop acid leaks whilst preserving the charge in the battery itself. Please be aware that if you go for this option, you are likely to loose all radio and vehicle pre-sets when connecting it again.

It's usually a good idea to use the parking brake, but don't do it when you leave a car in storage. If the brake pads make contact with the disks for too long, there is a chance that they might fuse. Instead, purchase a tire stopper, also called a chock, to prevent the car from moving.

You might be tempted to cancel your car insurance when your vehicle is in storage. Although that might initially save money, there is a chance that the insurance company will raise your rates due to the gap in coverage, which could cost you more in the long run. This can vary based on where you live and who your provider is, so contact your insurance company to see what options are available to you. If your storing in a self storage container you will need to have all of your comtents, including cars, insured so please contact your provider for their advice regarding storage.


• Check the windscreen wipers to see if the rubber is cracked or brittle.
• Check the tire pressure and inflate the tires to the recommended specs.
• Check the brakes. Rust may have accumulated on the disks. In most cases, it should go away after you drive the vehicle for a short time.
• Check fluids to make sure there have been no leaks and that they are at the recommended levels.
• If the battery cable has been disconnected, make sure that you reconnect it and that the battery terminals are clean.
• Wash your vehicle to remove any dirt that may have accumulated.

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