Ten becomes one

13-12-2013 - 11:09

A Superstore linked to another container with sliding doors - a first for TITAN France!

Another customer happy with a custom made solution, as TITAN was able to build a Superstore 9bay + 1 in just four days involving 4 workers from France and UK across the TITAN network.

The customer, based in Chambly north of Paris in France, needed a huge cold storage solution for their activities, which requires the temperature to be held around -22C.

This ended up with TITAN Containers in France constructing a Superstore 9bay, which then was linked to another container with sliding doors - and that container now serves as a hallway/airlock for goods delivered by truck before they are moved into the cold storage.

The result was a quick and easy solution for the customer, as a building permit was not even needed!