Zany Zeus Cheese Factory

23-08-2019 - 01:40

TITAN's flew in from all over the world to undertake stage one of the Zany Zeus factory Arctic SuperStore project. 



Faced with an indoor factory site, this was a very challenging installation in terms of space and access. The TITAN team were very pleased to have the assistance of experienced Hi-ab Driver Hank from Croft Combined Carriers, who worked with the TITAN team (including a rather late night on-site) to get all units placed.


This first phase of the project consisted of two stand alone 40' ArcticStores, a 60' ArcticStore and two 60' two-bay Arctic SuperStores. Already in phase one and TITAN set's a new 1st joining SuperStores end to end as well side to side.  


Despite losing one day due to the site not being prepared, the team pushed through and finished the install one day ahead of schedule.


Now we are looking forward to the second phase (in a couple of weeks time) of the installation which consists of an additional 21 connected Arctic SuperStore units installed in the same warehouse building.


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