Keeping European events cool or even cold!

28-06-2014 - 21:23

ArcticStores are present at a large number of outdoor events this and the next many weekends

As we move into the main season for European outdoor events our ArcticStores are working as efficiently as normal keeping the right termperature and using minimal power. After the Rome concert last weekend, ArcticStores are present at many major festivals this and the next many weekends. The pictures are from 2 events this weekend arranged with our office in France. 

Caterers and event organisers all over Europe appreciate the benefits of the user friendliness and positive economy that ArcticStores deliver. During this summer we are major suppliers at the Commonwealth Games, Roskilde Festival, Skanderborg Festival, international equestrian events as well as at countless smaller events in at least 10 European countries.

ArcticStores operate between -40C and +30C and require 380/440V - 3 phase - 32A fuse.

If you require reliable refrigerated storage at any type of event then contact your local TITAN office - we are in 14 European countries just waiting to serve.