Panama in focus

20-07-2015 - 05:40

With an average 24/7 temperature of 26-28C and 80-90% humidity Panama has very challenging environment for chill and frozen storage

Following TITAN’s recent introduction of ArcticStores into this exciting new market TITAN’s MD was on a fact finding mission in Panama City that included visiting several local users and meeting with some potential new customers.

Panama City is a town of great contrast with many modern skyscrapers surrounded by residential and commercial properties from the 19th and early 20th centuries. At the town boundaries there is an abrupt change to tropical rain forest. The climate is perfect for growing an extraordinary range of tropical fruits. Local agriculture, farming and fishing is predominantly for domestic consumption with the country’s revenues generated primarily through the finance sector, tourism and not least the Panama Canal.

Meetings with several potential new customers were all food related and included a possible new distribution centre using a SuperStore complex for both chill and frozen storage. The reliability, accurate control, power efficiency and user friendliness of the ArcticStore range were all considered to be very beneficial attributes otherwise unavailable in the market. Existing customer’ applications visited included:

A 40' ArcticStore is in use at a local food market in a poorer area of Panama City. 3 modified 40’ standard high cube steel containers are used as shops and a 20’ has been converted to rest rooms. The ArcticStore is running at +5C and is used for storing especially the wide assortment of tropical fruits as well as salads and other fresh produce and foods. The market previously used a used 40' reefer and the owner informed "it simply wasn't good enough, constant problems with the internal temperature and reliability. Since we changed we have a constant 5C and have experienced super power savings of around $ 9000 per year. We hope to need a second ArcticStore shortly for frozen produce".

At another customer's site there was an ArcticStore running alongside a standard reefer. Similar story from another happy customer who informed; "just great, I want to replace this other old one just as soon as you can. These cold stores are used for storing frozen food products for distribution around town to restaurants and hotels who expect to receive only top quality products.”

At a third customer another ArcticStore is used to store cartons of yeast for the bakery industry here in Panama. The customer had previously had a used 40' reefer and the vacuum created when closing the doors actually caused the door to implode! To ensure best possible air circulation in the ArcticStore, hand packed cartons were placed on pallets and away from the walls creating perfect airflow over the entire contents. Yet another fully satisfied user.


TITAN’s products and services are available in Panama through the local Multi Container office; this is located in central Panama City and with a small plot of land where a small number of containers are stored ensuring lowest possible delivery costs in and around Panama City. For further information please contact Mariclare Navarro:

Fernández de Córdoba, Lote 30454 (detrás de Plaza Agora)
Tel: +507 260 9747
Link Multicontainer