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02-09-2015 - 11:31

Pharma industry uses ArcticStore Ultra Freezers

Faced with an increased demand for vaccines a leading international pharmaceutical company turned to TITAN to supply minus 60oC on site storage capacity.

Pharma and Bio engineering companies are regular customers for a wide range of temperature controlled storage solutions. Recenty there has been a marked increase in the demand for even lower storage temperatures. In response to this new demand TITAN has invested in a series of 40' HC Ultra Freezers, also called Super Freezers,

Due to the extreme low temperatures the normal internal food grade stainless steel panels have been replaced with aluminimum chequerplate and pressure equalizing valves have been included to avoid under pressure in the container.

The most recent production has included air curtains, an  internal man trap alarm with external siren and beacon as well as easy opening doors with high user friendly door handles. ArcticStore Ultra Freezers are generally only available for longer term hire.