Fish & seafood companies' 1st choice

14-10-2015 - 15:26

More ArcticStores rented out to premier fish & seafood companies in Turkey

Two premier fish & seafood companies in Turkey expand their use of ArcticStores. After using ArcticStores for storage in Istanbul for some time both have recently ordered additional cold stores for delivery to other facilities. Both companies are extremely satisfied with the many user friendly features and advantages as well as the great reliability and precise control that our ArcticStore deliver.

Based on their previous experience with our ArcticStores, one satisfied customer has ordered another two 40’ ArcticStores for their company's sites in Çanakkale and Antalya. TITAN Turkey delivered the 40’ ArcticStore to Çanakkale a few days ago and the second will be delivered to Antalya by the end of this month.Two 40’ ArcticStores are already being used in Istanbul.

The other happy customer has ordered a further four new 40’ ArcticStores for their site in Milas/Bodrum.

All these portable cold stores are being used for the storage of fish and seafood products and particularly for Anchovies & Sardines at minus 18/20 C.

Learn more about ArcticStore here or contact your local TITAN office today for more info.