pharma, lægemidler og vaccine opbevaring samt til bio- og life sciences

Many paticipants of the pharmaceutical cold chain need reliable and compliant refrigerated storage for medicines and vaccines.

Knowledge and experience

TITAN have supplied Danish and international Bio- and Life Science as well as pharmaceutical manufacturers with temperature controlled storage containers for more than 25 years.

Our dedicated brand management, customer service teams and reefer engineers are ready to share their vast experience to help you get the best possible solution.

Market leading products and know how

The ArcticStore family is a market leader for refrigerated storage and treatment solutions.

GDP certification

ArcticStores can be GDP certified. Read more.

Precise accurate control

Integrated didgital datalogger records all aspects of the refrigeration including provision for additional temperature probes if you require.

Operating range is between -40°C and +45°C with the exception of our UltraFreezer where the range is -40°C to -65°C.

Special model ArcticStores

For added user benefit we offer special models with side doors, full side opening and other customer speficied requirements. Leadtime for special models is normally 12-20 weeks.


Available on all our refrigerated containers SmartArctic is our 24/7 remote montoring and control application.


We have many types suitable for pharma cold chain use including:

<h3 style="text-align: center;">10- 20- og 40 fods k&oslash;le- og frysecontainere -40&deg;C til +45&deg;C og -40&deg;C/-65&deg;C</h3>

10- 20- og 40 fods køle- og frysecontainere -40°C til +45°C og -40°C/-65°C

<h3 style="text-align: center;">20- og 40 fods modul&aelig;re k&oslash;le- og fryserum -40&deg;C til +45&deg;C</h3>

20- og 40 fods modulære køle- og fryserum -40°C til +45°C

<h3 style="text-align: center;">20- og 40 fods hurtig nedk&oslash;ling og blast frysning containere</h3>

20- og 40 fods hurtig nedkøling og blast frysning containere

<h3 style="text-align: center;">St&oslash;tte ben for forh&oslash;jet brug</h3>

Støtte ben for forhøjet brug