TITAN Nyheder

Nos 1er containers frigorifiques 20' UltraFreezers arrivent en France pour être loués !

22-04-2021 - 11:03

TITAN Containers livre ses premiers conteneurs frigorifiques capable d'atteindre les -70°C en Europe pour les produits pharmaceutiques, science de la vie et du vivant ou encore vaccins tels que Pfizer-BioNTech.

New Build Containers

19-04-2021 - 17:43

No shortage of new containers @ TITAN 

ArcticStores moves into another gear

15-04-2021 - 21:22

ArcticStore has experienced accelerated growth in 2020 and in Q1/2021. To meet the global challenges, TITAN ordered last year almost 1000 new temperature controlled storage containers to be delivered to the markets within the first half of this year. 

The First Ultrafreezer 2020 COVID-19 vaccine storage arrived to Hungary!

13-04-2021 - 17:47

The First TITAN Ultrafreezer 2020 COVID-19 vaccine storage container is delivered in Hungary!

TITAN Ireland side lifting trailer service

13-04-2021 - 14:15

More Muscle  !


12-04-2021 - 22:22

After CV-19 induced delays TITAN is getting BACK ON TRACK with expanding our U.K. self-storage sites  

Hungarian Prime Minister (Viktor Orbán) Checks ArcticStore COVID-19 Vaccines in cold storage

12-04-2021 - 17:06

Watch Viktor Orbán Check in ArcticStore COVID-19 Vaccines...1:04


29-03-2021 - 18:02

important - important - important

ArcticStore for Pan-Pek in Croatia

19-03-2021 - 11:29

Wide temperature range, user-friendly features and special attention to our client's specific needs

TITAN moving to Heinenoord

19-03-2021 - 09:24

Continuing TITAN's new investments in own infrastructure


18-03-2021 - 01:16

Do you need a quick and reliable cold storage for your business?

Mangler du billig opbevaring?

11-03-2021 - 10:16

Opbevaring til fair priser - vi dækker hele Danmark.

Rent our refrigerated storage containers ARCTICSTORES in Switzerland!

05-03-2021 - 01:19

Do you need extra temperature controlled storage includuing ultra cold temperatures?

What is blue with yellow blocks - and can lift a container six storeys high?

03-03-2021 - 13:41

Introducing our new Hyster container mover supplied by ProTruck.

Når kun det bedste er godt nok!

03-03-2021 - 10:37

TITAN har netop fået leveret vores nye, topmoderne Hyster container-truck i samarbejde med ProTruck.

Arctic Store Global Cold Chain Technologies Now in Pliva Croatia

26-02-2021 - 11:33

ArcticStore Tropical was delivered to Pliva

"At flytte med TITAN Containers A/S" - Hanna

25-02-2021 - 14:35

"Jeg må sige, at det har været den mest stressfri måde jeg nogensinde har flyttet på." Med TITAN Containers havde vi en lang række forskellige opbevaringsmuligheder vi kunne vælge imellem. Alt fra et depotrum på et af deres depoter i Århus til opmagasinering eller leje af en container til opbevaring af vores møbler og genstande.  

Chilly Start to 2021 for TITAN Customer

13-01-2021 - 02:46

The first week back after Christmas and New Year holiday started with a bang for the TITAN Auckland team with the installation of a 3 bay 40' Arctic SuperStore.

Seasonal markets

10-12-2020 - 09:44

TITAN assist shops and outlets to maintain produce quality with increased seasonal volume.


04-12-2020 - 15:09

More storage capacity for deepfrozen products

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