24-05-2020 - 12:20

With more business in warmer climates and generally increasing temperatures we are pleased to introduce ArcticStore TROPICAL 

Built with 30% increased insulation we expect to see reduced power consumption and particularly where there are large temperature variances between the inside and the external ambient temperature.    


As TITAN's business expands in countries with year round warmer climates and with higher summer temperatures in many other countries increasing the insulation barrier is simple common sense.


Production of the first 100 ArcticStore TROPICAL has recently been completed and the containers are already being shipped to the markets. Whilst the higher insulation values will benefit most those users with very low temperatures it will reduce the running costs at all temperatures and in all ambients. Formal testing will tell us by just how much and we look forward to bringing this news when available.


These were just part of a larger 300 container order that included 10' and 20' ArcticStores, some SuperStores and rapid chillers/blast freezing ArcticBlasts.