Dublin depot open

05-06-2020 - 20:39

Like many others, TITAN were a regular user of the local common user Dublin depot. The depot recently closed! 

For sometime TITAN had also operated from it's own site in NW Dublin. Predominantly used for self-storage, the "depot" was only really for short stay containers dropped off and picked up again by TITAN's HIAB fleet. In a matter of few weeks this was transformed!


A suitable empty container handler with 20'/40' spreader was found, purchased and delivery arranged to Ireland. Adjacent land to the existing site was secured and groundworks commenced. Despite COVID-19 and with a massive contribution from all involved to "make it happen" TITAN's latest depot could open in record time and the self storage area has been expanded. Brand new containers are already in place to service our many regular and new customers.


Well done to all and thanks to our business relations that made all of this possible.