Minister of Fisheries endorses Arctic SuperStore

26-06-2020 - 13:18

Jakarta 25th June 2020

Led by the Minister, a delegation of the Ministry of Fisheries and local businessman visited this newly openend fish-logistic facility in Jakarta.

TITAN's local partner, PT DS Solutions continues to work together with Indonesian logistic and fishing interests to develop a cold chain logistic network to improve the quality and availability of fresh sea-food to the consumers whilst also improving the economic benefits for the Indonesian fishing industry. 


The Minister, and his delegation arrived to see the completion of the most recent intallation of an Arctic SuperStore refrigerated warehouse. TITAN's modular SuperStore quickly and economically converts an area into a reliable cold-chain logistic centre for the local community and fishing interests.


ArcticStore and SuperStore cold warehouses are planned to play an important part in the modernisation of the Indonesian fishing industry improving the supply and quality of fresh and frozen fish to communities whilst also redcuing waste.


The first Arctic SuperStore ini Indonesia was installed in Pekalongan fishing port last year. Previously we have delivered the first ArcticBlast rapid chiller and ArcticStores


These projects were so successful and the local advantages so significant that the national logistic company decided to impement a national cold-chain logistic network based on Arctic range of products. Their first project is approx. 400m² warehousing in metro Jakarta including this 50m² facility. As can be seen the facility had already been used for the first produce.


The Minister visited the facility and was so impressed with the SuperStore technology that he shared it immediately on Facebook. Further he agreed that ArcticStore should play an important role in expanding and modernizing the refrigerated supply chain of Indonesia, especially for the fishing industry.


Further details about the worldwide availability Arctic SuperStores.