CV-19 vaccine containers?

11-11-2020 - 13:23

Our prototype vaccine container built and ready for testing for 100% suitability for storage and cold chain distribution

Built to operate at -80°C/-112°F this proptype includes alternative design features to bring heat leakage to an absolute minimum. The design has been computer modelled/tested and -80°C should be realisable. Our normal 20' UltraFreezer has achieved constant performance at -75.5°C allowing TITAN to be quietly confident that this enhanced specification will reach the target temperature.


The prototype will be immediately tested at calibrated facilities and full test results are expected in approx. 10 days.


We envisage initially building 3 models:

  • 20ft as shown above
  • 10ft to the same design
  • 20ft with machine in both ends (built in redundancy) and door in one side

If all goes to plan with testing we expect to able to deliver the first CV-19 -80°C vaccine storage and cold cold chain containers early in 2021.


The same containers can also be used for rail, road and sea transport. Where mains power is not available we offer 100% compatible container generator, fitted to the frame of the container for rail/road transport, that supplies the required power supply.