Keeps temperature better than on Mars

30-11-2020 - 18:35

Covid 19 vaccine containers and much more

Warm spikes indicate de-frost events

The normal temperature on Mars is considered as -60°C. Our latest 20' UltraFreezers hold -78°C in ambient +10/15°C. Seriously colder than on Mars and more than cold enough for storing or transporting the Pfizer/BioNTek CV-19 vaccine. See temperatures on Mars


TITAN are ready


Including orrders for delivery early in 2021, TITAN have invested more than DKK 250 million (approx. US$ 40 million) in more than 2000 new ArcticStore containers this past 12 months.


The monthly arrival of between 100-200 new 10, 20 and 40ft. ArcticStore containers into our many markets will continue in the coming months. At this time there are almost 200 ArcticStores at sea with more shipments planned for December and January.


All new deliveries include as standard workplace safety attrributes including emergency escape hatch (ecluding ArcticBlast that have 2 internal opening doors), temporary machine pause and man trapped alarm. All models have TITAN's SmartArctic remote monitoring and control installed and ready for use.


All that you need:


Sub -70°C to + 45°C

10, 20 and 40ft containers

SuperStore cold rooms

Global availability and 24/7 remote control


IF +45°C is too low - try TITAN's HotStore - max 80°C


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