new 6', 8', 10', 20' and 40' 1-trip containers for shipping, site and self storage, modification and even offshore applications

NEW BUILD - 1-Trip shipping and storage containers

Having imported the first new containers in 1987 we have vast experience. Each year we supply thousands of new 1-trip containers to be used for many applications including shipping, site and self storage and bespoke container modifications. See our many UK DEPOTS

With regular factory production we have a steady flow of new 1-trip containers arriving at our nationwide UK depot network. See new container PICTURES

Various colours, sizes and types

New containers don't have to be blue, although this is a very popular colour. TITAN build 20' standard containers in a range of colours including Green, Grey, Red, White and Yellow.

In addition to factory new 20ft and 40ft standard and hi-cube shipping containers we maintain UK depot stocks of smaller 6ft, 8ft and 10ft storage containers. These mostly include a lockbox for extra security and user friendly high door handles.

We also have a selection of special ISO shipping and storage containers including:

NEW 20ft & 40ft Open Tops including ½ height and hard top
NEW 20ft & 40ft containers with doors in both ends
NEW 20ft & 40ft refrigerated containers
NEW 20ft & 20ft Hi-Cube full side opening or side doors; one or both side opening models.

Environmental concerns

TITAN was one of the first to restrict the use of hardwood plywood in new 1-trip containers. For many years the vast majority of new containers have been built with bamboo eco-flooring. Many consider the appearance better and the durability is just as good as the plywood previously used.

Whilst the bamboo eco-flooring is slightly more expensive we believe this responsible attitude is appreciated by all our customers who indirectly are helping to save a precious commodity; the rain forests of SE Asia.

Built for offshore use all our ISO dimensioned DNV containers are fully CSC certified

Seldom available as ISO models, container types like 20' hard top open tops and 20' ½ height open tops are normally available from our DNV offshore division.

All DNV container types are available for hire and sale.