Cold storage of many products and commodities from minus 60oC to plus 30oC or from -25oC to +60oC

With new technology power efficient refrigeration


Food grade stainless steel internal panels and aluminium floors are standard and afford the highest level of hygiene. The design/construction meets with ISO standards and FDA requirements.

Thermally mapped by the pharmaceutical and drug segment as well as by the food industry. After 2007 all models have in-built data loggers.

Power savings almost pay the rental!

Excellent insulation values, low air leakage and new refrigeration technology realise substantial power savings.

In tests comparing new containers with typical older used containers power savings of between 40-80% were recorded subject to temperature setting. Typical average power consumption of 1.25-2.00 KW/hour at -24C and 1.50-2.75 KW/hour at chill temperatures in containers and slightly higher in SuperStores. These represent substantial £ savings compared with older less suitable refrigeration.

Storage of Fruit and Vegetables

Improve the shelf-life and quality with the controlled fresh air exchange. It is standard on the majority of the units. Controlled or modified atmosphere options are also available.

Storage of Flowers and plants

Cut flowers and living plant storage is improved with use of the fresh air exchange ventilator which is standard on many units. Our cold stores are also used to delay and advance flowering. Further, they have also been used in the production of infant trees and various types of mushrooms.

Storage of Fresh and frozen Fish and Shellfish

This is a common application. The cold stores feature hermetic sealing drains and are easy to maintain clean and hygienic conditions in the cold store. Oily fish are best stored at -30/40C and Tuna even colder.

Storage of Retail, Catering, Bakeries and Event products

Chilled or frozen storage by Supermarkets, hotels, caterers and event organisers in ArcticStores is extremely common. Supermarkets are able to store everything from fully prepared meals and sandwiches to beer and soft drinks.

Storage of Fresh and frozen Meat and Poultry

by producers, distributors and retail outlets can also benefit from our ArcticStore range of cold stores.

Storage of Dairy products

The precise zone temperature control throughout and easy cleaning of the food grade interiors create a perfect storage environment for many dairy products for manufacturers and through the cold chain that follows.

Storage of Pharmaceutical, Drug, Medicine and Vaccines

These require some of the highest standards and TITAN's cold stores meet the grade. With effectively no temperature variance in the entire cold store there are many pharmaceutical, manufacturing and cold chain companies using ArcticStore and SuperStores.

Whatever your products we can almost certainly help you