Used 20' and 40' reefer containers for sale

Ex-Shipping line used reefer containers

Sold typically when redundant after 15-20 years of use these are generally not recommended for use as refrigerated storage containers.

The many years used for shipping will probably mean reduced insulation values, increased air leakage and power thirsty refrigeration! Furthermore, normal reefer container doors are hard to open and close and the T-section floor is difficult to keep clean and almost impossible to use with cages and similar material handling devices.

If this is what you need then we will do our best to supply the best value for money.

Ex-ArcticStore rental fleet

These will still be older 20' and 40' reefer containers but with improvements made that may include butchers door (as shown), flat aluminium overlay flooring, internal lighting and perhaps personnel alarm.

Being transparent these used cold stores are nothing like our newer models but they normally, at least in part, offer a better solution than a normal shipping reefer.

Some models were refurbished and will have new refrigeration from 2008-2010.

Non-working 20' and 40' reefer containers and cold stores

Where it is uneconomic to repair the refrigeration, used refrigerated containers are sold in "non-working" condition.

Effectively sold as an insulated container. We have ex shipping line and ex ArcticStore rental fleet units for sale.

Machinery, if present, must be considered un-repairable and some components might have been removed. Some machinery may have been replaced with a wall.

See power analysis of refrigeration