Used second hand shipping and storage containers for sale

Used 20ft and 40ft containers are excellent and inexpensive storage containers and of course can also be used as SOC Shippers Own Containers when the CSC plate is updated.

Used containers are normally available in a range of base colours like blue, brown, green and grey.

To ensure the desired quality we operate a simple ABC grading where A is about as good as a normal used container gets these days. Discover more about the GRADES

We are also able to offer other sizes like 10ft and 21ft by modifying 20'/40' standard container sizes.

To ensure the lowest possible total price TITAN operate a nationwide DEPOT NETWORK as well as in house hiab delivery vehicles.

Used containers do not have a lockbox but one can be fitted if required.

We also sell new 1-trip containers

some examples of used container Grades & quality:

used csc cargo worthy shipping containers for sale

Shippers Own Shipping Containers (SOC) for sale

When loaded containers are being transported it is required that the container is inspected according to set criteria to ensure safe use when being loaded/unloaded with products and when being handled between rail, road and sea. Please see CSC information below.

Cargo worthy shipping containers with valid CSC plates are normally available for purchase nationwide UK and we sell used SOC containers globally. We normally stock:

20' & 40' used standard/dry van & 40' used High Cube containers
20' & 40' used open top containers
20' & 40' used flat rack containers

Please enquire for other types.

See also 1-WAY LEASING option