Used storage and shipping containers for sale

Providing a cost effective solution to your used container requirements

Used shipping containers for sale

A used shipping container can be many things! Everything from a wreck to an older container that is still in perfect working condition to be shipped.

20' and 40' used containers for sale are available nationwide whereas special used container types such as; open top, flat rack and refrigerated containers for sale tend normally to be available from major depot locations.

For shipping cargo, containers of course have to be suitable for safe loading and have an updated CSC (Container Safety Convention) plate. For exports with SOC (Shippers Own Container) or last trip containers the cosmetics tend not to be an issue.

Used storage containers for sale

Our used storage containers for sale are in a better condition, than the used shipping containers. which ensures a reasonable working life without excessive on-going repair costs.

TITAN operates a grading system within the depots that helps us to ensure that the correct quality used container for sale is selected for the right job.

Used shipping containers for sale and used storage containers for sale are typically 10-12 years of age when offered for sale, but can be younger or older.