Refrigerated temperature controlled storage between +45°C and -40°C

Need cold storage capacity but do not have the space or opportunity at your own premises?

A refrigerated unit in one of TITANS self storage sites could be the solution.


We have a number of locations across the UK and our ever growing foot print is set to increase further in the coming years. We offer a wide selection of services and industry leading cold storage is one. Please get in touch if you would like to find out if a site near you has availability to facility short or long term storage of items in need of being kept cool or frozen.


The most common applications include:


Exterminate bed bugs infestation

Deep freeze treatement kills the bed bugs and their eggs without chemicals. Freeze all your fabrics like sofas, chairs, carpets, curtains, cushions, pillows, matteresses, clothes and if needed even your car. Read more.

Catering for local events

Renting at chilled temperature is only adding a very large fridge. Perfect for storing beverages, fresh foods and even large wedding cakes.

Storing local produce to prolong shelf life

Bumper season, too many berries or too much fresh produce for here and now? Temperature controlled storage extends the shelf life!

Further information on possible applications

SmartArctic remote control 24/7

You can monitor and control your storage container and download data from the datalogger with your computer, laptop and/or device from wherever you are and when ever you want.

Just in case, SmartArctic also delivers alarms.


@ TITAN sites

We expanding this services to all suitable sites. At present we offer this service in:
  • Caxton, Cambs.
  • West Thurrock, Essex

See all our sites

@ your site

We deliver the portable cold store to your premises - please note that this service requires 3 phase 380/440V power supply.

Some of the most common reasons for refrigerated self cold storage are:

Events and Festivals

TITAN deliver to all types of sporting events, exhibitions and festivals around the globe. We understand the organisers need for planned deliveries and collection of the containers during build up and build down.

ArcticStores are ideal for safe & hygienic storage of raw products, ready to save meals, beverages and all other forms of catering supplies.

We can also supply a wide range of non-refrigerated storage containers.

Retail, Catering, Bakeries and Event storage

Supermarkets, hotels, caterers and event organisers are very regular year round customers storing everything from prepared meals to beer and soft drinks.

Our 1-hand opening doors and internal lights are great attributes for especially these customers.

Cold testing of components and products

As we expand activities into more hostile environments cold testing of individual components and complete products has become a regular requirement.

Our regular ArcticStores will maintain as low as -40°C and are large enough to get a completed car inside for testing.

Killing bed bugs and other infestations

As we travel more it seems there is an increasing tendency that sometimes we bring unwanted house guests back us! 48-72 hours in a container at -40°C and they are dead as the core temperature of all contents will be well below their tolerance!! Heat over +45°C can also be used.

ArcticStores are often used by museums and private people to eradicate infestations in furniture, clothes, bed linen, curtains, carpets, fabrics and even cars!

This can sometimes be performed on our sites.