used 20ft and 40ft refrigerated shipping containers in running and non-operating condition for sale.

Used refrigerated shipping containers are often considered suitable for storage when considered redundant by the original owners. Used reefer containers are typically only sold by shipping lines when the container is no longer considered suitable for the import and export of refrigerated produce. This is most often due to high power consumption damages and/or increasing maintenance and repair costs.


  •  Used reefer containers are non-compliant with health and safety regulations for cold rooms
  •  EU environment legislation restricts the sale of used refrigerated containers


TITAN off new modern technology refrigerated containers for hire and sale. See ArcticStores


To those clients who consider a used reefer shipping container as the right solution for their applications we always do our utmost to supply "best vakue for the money".


If you are considering buying a used refrigerated shipping container please consider:

  • Reefer containers are sold when the economies of continued use do not add up for the original owner.
  • The average age at sale is around 15 years with more older models common
  • After many years shipping use, refrigerated containers often have many old damages and have a reduced insulation value due to use, repairs and possible water in the insulation.
  • The normal reefer container doors are always difficult to open and close and are often with small damages to door gaskets leading to air leakage.
  • Air leakage, doors not 100% closed during use and lower insulation values all mean increased work for the refrigeration machine which is probably just as old as the container.
  • Old technology refrigeration has a more limited operating range and uses more than double the power of new technology machines. This can be many thousand $'s a year in power bills!
  • Old refrigeration is more likely to be stressed in summer heat leading to out of range temperature and possible breakdown.
  • Ecomony running at chill temperatures is often not possible with older reefer containers.
  • T-section flooring is inpractical for many storage applications and very difficult to keep hygienically clean.
  • Data loggers are typically not included - perhaps a 30 day paper recorder is all you get.