1987 - 2017

31-07-2017 - 19:49

TITAN celebrate 30 years - conference and celebrations in Denmark

The scene is set for TITAN beach party
  • A slide from the TITAN conference
  • A flag for each TITAN country
  • Conference presentation on self storage
  • Beach volley TITANS
  • TITANS in Copenhagen with TITAN MD Layland Barker roll up
  • Super fireworks dispaly
  • Layland was presented with Marlin sculpture. The sculpture was hand made by one of TITAN's welders
  • We also celebrated Per Otto Bech's retirement after many years service as Auditor and Chairman of the TITAN Board

TITAN delivered its very first rental container on the 24th July 1987. 30 years later as many TITANS as possible visited Denmark for conferences and celebrations together with some long standing suppliers, commercial relations and friends.

30 years later and our many brands and services have become a household name in many countries and becoming one as well in many of the newer markets. Biannual TITAN conferences have happened for the past many years and are a part of how TEAM TITAN maintain the highest possible service throughout motivated, innovative and out of the box customer service. We are proud to bring these pictures of TITANS from around our world at work and at play