13-09-2017 - 09:07

Wine distellers in Turkey hired ArcticStores as in last year

Well known Turkish wine distellers in Aegean region hired ArcticStore through 2017 vine harvest season for  pre-cooling of wine grapes. This is a well-known production process among wine-distellers and cooled grapes release more aromatic tastes compare to non-cooled grapes and it means more quality and tasty wines. Requested set temperature is +2 C or +4 C with 15 m3/hour fresh air exchange. Our clients were satisfied for the results of last year and decided to hire ArcticStore again. We are very happy to work with them also in 2017.


ArcticStore is a perfect solution for chill temperatures as well. Any fresh fruit and vegetable can be stored into ArcticStore with its adjustable temperature range up to +30 C, humidity sensor and fresh air exchange valve. 


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