Excellent News – Another Accreditation for TITAN by the Greek Public Health Sector

28-07-2021 - 11:00

All of us here at TITAN are over the moon to announce that we’ve received another accreditation by the Greek Public Health Sector for our superior level of quality. Our units are used extensively across the food and drink industry but is also essential for many uses in the medical industry.


This accreditation comes hot on the heels of our latest delivery by TITAN Hellas of a 10’ Arctic Store to the Evangelismos General Hospital in Athens. The hospital is one of the oldest in Athens, having served the Athens community since 1881, and is one of the largest in Greece.

reefer container
  • refrigerated shipping container

Arctic Store Refrigerated Shipping Container for Medical Applications

The brand new Arctic Store unit will be used as a freezer for the safe temporary storage of hazardous waste before disposal. This is essential to ensure that any hazardous waste is kept away from the environment and public so it does not pose a public health risk.


When a refrigerated room or refrigerated shipping container is unavailable, recommended storage times for medical waste can be easily met or exceeded, which is generally 72-24 hours, depending on the climate. A reefer container can significantly extend this time when needed, and during transportation.


Refrigeration is an essential consideration for any medical facility, pharmacy, or hospital, and so our Arctic Store units are a natural fit for the needs of the medical industry. Storing medicines at the wrong temperature can shorten the shelf life and even change the composition and potency. This is not only hazardous to patients, but results in high wastage costs. A unit like our Arctic Store units can drastically reduce this wastage with precision refrigeration.


Our refrigerated shipping containers meet the needs of the medical community by keeping to strict set temperatures, even in tropical locations. The units can be monitored remotely, which can ensure that no medicine, vaccine, or waste is ever put at risk by human error, such as a door being left ajar.


Our Arctic Store reefer containers can provide temperatures of as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius (depending on the model) and have hygienic stainless steel walls and aluminum floors, so are easily cleaned. They’re self-bearing and can be sat on uneven ground, so are extremely versatile in where they can be placed on a medical facility’s grounds.


They’re energy efficient and well insulated which reduces energy costs, essential for the public sector as well as private medical facilities, and often prove more cost-efficient than other options available.


The 10’ model Evangelismos General Hospital took delivery of provides a lot of space for the footprint. At just 3 meters by 2.5 meters, the unit takes up little more than a couple of parking spaces, while storing three pallets’ worth of internal storage.



TITAN is Passionate About Public Health

We care about public health, and we’re proud to be involved in the medical industry, providing safe containment of everything from the COVID-19 vaccine to hazardous waste. We were excited to provide safe storage for COVID-19 vaccines, and being able to further protect public health in Greece and through the accreditation by the Greek Public Health Sector for our premium quality. We’re always excited about reaching new industries and providing high-quality storage solutions.