Public cold store 0 - 3 ArcticSuperStore

11-12-2012 - 18:55

A well known UK company recently took delivery of a 40' SuperStore 3

TITAN recently installed & commissioned a new 75m2 SuperStore on the customers's site replacing their use of local public cold storage facilities.

With 60 pallet capacity, when full, the SuperStore will save the customer more than 75% of their storage costs. In addition the company will save £ 1000's in not having to transport their goods to/from the previously used external facility which was costing £ 25 per pallet each way!

There is the added benefit that the SuperStore environment has the perfect set point for the goods and maintains this temperature constantly throughout the SuperStore cold room.

To reduce noise emissions the 2 machines are inside TITAN's accoustic cabins.

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