New concept from TITAN in the UK

16-12-2012 - 12:24

During the coming weeks TITAN will be opening new container centres around the country

What is a TITAN Container Centre (TCC)?

TCC's include: Container & cold store handling, washing, repair & storage services - a dedicated self storage site including the opportunity of refrigerated self storage, TITAN personnel and TITAN Container Transport vehicle(s) to perform local, long-haul and even international transport.

Some of the TCC's will be twinned. Thamseide TCC embraces TITAN's facilities on either side of the Thames close to the Dartford crossing. Similarly 2 locations on the south coast are ecpected to operate in a similar manner.

By the end of January it is expected that 4 TCC's will be operating although full services may only be available from February.

Additional UK TCC's are expected to open in 2013. Further information is available here