Successful installation of a new ArcticStore Tropical.

04-05-2021 - 14:22

Amore Fine Foods in Brisbane - another happy TITAN customer!


Amore Fine Foods in Brisbane had a 40 foot ARCTICSTORE Tropical installed.


Local TITAN staff worked with customer to utilize a wasted space/loading dock area a turn this into a area for additional chilling freezing to support their growing operation.


A cooperation with the customer, local engineers, fabricators and a crane company resulted in a successfully planned and executed installation.


This 40 foot reefer is sitting 350mm inside the loading dock door, with all surrounding spaces now filled in, closing it off from the outside. This keeps the unit in line with Health and safe food regulations.


Always striving to improve our products the most recent production of 40' HC ArcticStores feature approximately 30% additional insulation - especially suited for warmer climate zones.


Learn more about ArcticStore TROPICAL and our product range here.