2015 confirms the growth of ARCTIC STORE in Italy

20-02-2015 - 22:13

The first 45 days of 2015 confirm the trend of 2014: ARCTIC STORE continues to grow in Italy and especially in the South. Lazio, well covered by our depot in Rome, together with Molise and Calabria are the areas where we have recently delivered more 20'ARCTIC STORE containers for 6 / 12 months rental contracts; we’re going to deliver more units in Campania, and shortly Puglia too.

STAR SERVICE and TITAN ARCTIC STORE, that are at their fourth year of collaboration in Italy, are looking to the future with the aim to improve the previous years. We’re in fact dealing  for semiannual / annual rentals for more ARCTIC STORE to be installed in the same yards to ensure larger spaces at controlled temperatures; we are also proud to say  that more and more companies in the food and transportation business are paying  attention and are very interested in  our new generation of refrigerated ARCTIC STORE containers, which operate with "extreme" temperatures (up to -40°C) due to the reliability and the powerful engine THERMO KING Magnum Plus that provides high performance with extremely low power consumption. Furthermore, to meet our customer needs, Star Service in addition to transport service with crane truck, unloading and positioning (even inside buildings), provides important accessories such as aluminum “legs” (built according to the height of the warehouse shutters doors) where customers wants to place the Arctic Store, digital card to download operating data engine, SIM card - to transmit in real time to smartphone and tablet and info about  minimum or maximum temperature set points.