21-02-2015 - 17:03

here, there almost everywhere

Arctic Superstores are fast becoming the new standard for wide body portable cold storage solutions

More on SuperStores

Including commissioned and scheduled deliveries in the next months a further 30 SuperStores will soon be operating. These include installations in new countries, a series of bespoke design SuperStores combining 20' and 40' modules and several large installations of 200m2 and larger.

SuperStores bring the power savings and all the user friendliness of the ArcticStore range with all the additional space customers require. 

As SuperStores are standard ISO dimensions the delivery transport costs tend to be much lower than alternative products and the food grade stainless steel and aluminium interiors provide a far more hygienic environment than glass fibre and resin. 

Another major advantage is the SuperStore floor strength. There are typically weight limitations with competing products that prevent the use of motorized pallet lifter and small fork lift trucks. Both can be used in SuperStores.