14-05-2015 - 09:02

TITAN open in Australia

The team is ready, the containers and ArcticStores have started to arrive and 1800 538 572 is now operational!

Whilst the call is free the containers and our superior reefers, ArcticStores, cost just a little more but you can be assured of fantastic opening offer deals, superior service and great new equipment.


Built just a few weeks ago our standard rental 20’ is hi-cube and includes extra ventilation and lashing bars so 100% suited to all storage requirements and of course the lock-box is there for protection and the door handles are high for easy operation.


New 10’, 20’ and 40’ ArcticStores have also arrived and with more already on the way. With easy opening doors, flat floor, internal lighting, air curtains, a ramp and for emergency use a man trapped alarm there is no better reefer in the market. This high effect/low power refrigeration secures best possible value for money refrigeration down to -40oC.


Call 1800 538 572 or send us an email