Big Dog Pet Foods Finds Success with Titan Blast Chillers

22-07-2021 - 10:16

As the leading all-natural pet nutrition provider in Australia, Big Dog Pet Foods takes their refrigeration needs seriously. Big Dog Pet Foods is a family-owned business that has been creating high-quality, human-grade pet food for Australian pet owners since 2000. Big Dog Pet Foods chose to invest in a TITAN 40ft Arctic Blast Freezer and has since seen exceptional results and fast business growth. 

ARCTIC BLAST Success Story - Big Dog Pet Foods

Ready-to-Dispatch Time Reduced by 2 Days



Prior to using the TITAN 40ft Arctic Blast Freezer, the process from manufacture to frozen product ready for dispatch was 4 days. Once Big Dog Pet Foods started using the Arctic Blast Freezer, they were able to cut that dispatch time down to just 2 days, halving their processing time, and they believe they may be able to shorten that time even further with more Arctic Blast Freezer units incorporated into their process.


Their current process using our Arctic Blast Freezer units is to load their product into the units at a temperature of 0-2 degrees Celsius, and allowed to run for 23 hours. From there, the product is unloaded and placed in their freezers and left for a further 12 hours, and then the product is packed onto pallets for collection. At this current time, they have to move the product into their own freezers to make room for the next batch of product.


Big Dog Pet Foods plans that with the inclusion of more TITAN Arctic Blast Freezer units, they can leave product in the units until they are completely frozen, which could be as little as 30 hours, speeding up their daily turnover.


“The change these units have allowed for us is seriously a game-changer for us,” the MD of Big Dog Pet Foods said.


“I am now confident we can continue to support the growth that is happening in our business, and expected future growth.”



Arctic Blast Chiller



Our Arctic Blast units can chill and freeze quickly and efficiently, providing the perfect environment for freezing food, such as pet food and pre-prepared meals, to accurate refrigeration for the pharmaceutical industry. Our Arctic Blast Chiller is currently available in 3 sizes, from 10’, which can store 3 pallets, to the 40’ unit Big Dog Pet Foods uses, which can store 14 pallets.


Our Arctic Blast units provide rapid chilling, reducing 20KG of fruit and vegetables by 1 degrees Celsius every 20 minutes, taking just 8 hours to reach 5 degrees Celsius from an internal temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. The units’ rapid freezing is what has changed Big Dog Pet Foods’ processes for the better, freezing 20KG of lean beef in under 30 hours.





We’re so excited to see the incredible results Big Dog Pet Foods are getting with the Arctic Blast Freezers, and look forward to seeing their growth, success, and ever-increasing efficiency in the future.


If you’re looking for a blast chiller or blast freezer that will help you decrease the time it takes to get your product on shelves, don’t hesitate to reach out to Christian Andrew, the Regional Manager based in Brisbane, who will happily answer any questions you have about our Blast Chillers and talk through the best solutions for your business.

You can reach him by calling 1300 4 TITAN or +61 439 183 820, or email can@titancontainers.com.au