01-08-2019 - 18:15

1st August and it is driver training and handover of TITAN's new road vehicles. 

Driver training and then delivery of our new lorries at MV Commercial's site close to Edinburgh, Scotland. TITAN and MV Commercial have partnered these past years to supply the most suitable vehicle/crane combinations to meet TITAN's very specific requirements.


Volvo were again the preferred lorry manufacturer of the 3 rigids and 2 tractors.


The crane/vehicle combinations are:

  • 1 x rigid mounted 85T/M HIAB with front jack legs for 360° operation 
  • 2 x rigid mounted 65T/M HIAB
  • 1 x tractor mounted 85T/M HIAB
  • 1 x tractor mounted 95T/M CORMACH

This order also included 3 new trailers to operate with the rigids.


The rigid with 85T/M crane with front jack legs is for Denmark where it will compliment the existing 40' HIAB fleet. The remaining 4 new vehicles replace 3 x rigids and 1 x tractor in the UK which improves our transport flexibility with an extra 95T tractor unit replacing a rigid. We have added 10-20T/M increased crane capacity greater flexibility. 


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