We just got some degrees hotter

11-03-2020 - 16:59

After software enhancement we can now offer a maximum set point of +45°C/113°F on more compared with the normal +30°C/86°F

ArcticStores just got hotter, but only when you want them to!

For once Global warming isn't responsible. TITAN's "firmware" software has been upgraded.

To meet the increased demands for warm and hot environments we have upgraded the software in more than 2500 containers to allow maximum set point as high as 45°C/113°F. Heating is produced electrically and the container has standard low and high speed fan circulation.


If that isn't hot enough then remember TITAN's HotStore that can maintain 65°C/149°C and our special models going as high as anamazing 86°C/186°F hot environment.