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10-12-2014 - 14:03

TITAN expand again in the U.K.

TITAN Containers A/S is pleased to announce that effective 3rd December Avon Site Transport, located in the Avonmouth port area,  has been acquired,  therefore  adding an important piece to  TITAN`s growing network of “Container Centres”  throughout the UK.

AST is the leading container depot and crane transport operator for the Bristol area and will compliment TITAN`s existing business in the South West and same time increase exposure to container sales and rentals in South Wales. They  also operate a fleet of containers/cabins/offices and other “specials” ,where expert  staff are  well-equipped to offer bespoke conversions and modifications. These will be adsorbed into the existing TITAN rental fleet and the existing business gives good opportunity to grow this business.

Avon Site has been TITAN`s Bristol depot and haulier of choice for many years, therefore it gives  great satisfaction to see the same people and assets operating under the TITAN banner.

TITAN now has Container Centres -- offering a combination of sales/rentals for both standard and reefer equipment, local HIAB crane delivery and container self-stores -- in the following locations:

West Thurrock and Grays - Hull - Melton Mowbray - Cambridge - Southampton, with satellite in Poole and now Bristol

During the recession and more recent “recovery”  TITAN Containers A/S has continued to buck  the general business trend in the UK. At a time when third-party container depots are closing  and seemingly  more restrictions being placed on  growth, TITAN has acquired 5 separate “container” businesses in the 6 year period since 2008……………….much of this expansion has been focused on the portable cold storage market through the “Arcticstore”  brand and more recently success in the DNV container market for oil and gas related business!

TITAN  has also started a separate business -- TITAN Container Transport Ltd -- which operates a largely new fleet of owned 20/40`HIAB vehicles to improve customer service and where this latest acquisition will improve our geographic presence particularly in the South West & South Wales.