Growth for SuperStores

28-03-2015 - 08:24

2015 has seen a major expansion in TITAN's SuperStore business


TITAN has already delivered many new SuperStore installations in 2015 including 3 large installations of greater than 200m2. Factory production of a further 25 installations is being processed and some of these are now being completed and these include several special models including 5 and 6 bay 20' SuperStores and for the 1st time SuperStores combining 20' and 40' modules in the same finished installation. Many of these include internal sliding doors between 2 storage zones within the same installation and some will be connected directly to the customers existing buildings.

Orders include the first SuperStore to be fitted with single phase refrigeration as well as the initial deliveries to Australia and Iceland.

All SuperStores are built as high cube (9'6" - 290cm external height) and include new technology refrigeration.