Now on 6 continents

15-01-2017 - 21:06

Arctic SuperStores are simply extremely popular

4th quarter 2016 and TITAN installed the first SuperStore in North America and it seems most likely that there will be several more in 2017.


Arctic SuperStores have become the preferred open plan modular cold storage facility in many countries. There are many advantages when comparing the cost and performance of SuperStores with alternative products and solutions. The benefits include

  • Low running costs through low power consumption when compared with older refrigeration
  • Perfect hygienic environment with easy to clean food grade stainless steel/aluminium interiors
  • Floor strength permits fork lift truck/motorized pallet lifter operation
  • Flexible external door arrangements – can be with internal walls and sliding doors for multiple temperature zones
  • Reduced transport costs at delivery and collection when comparing with wide body modules
  • They are inexpensive to locate at loading ramp (or alternative height) above the ground.
  • Can be located indoors or connected to existing building(s) and can also incorporate ArcticBlast rapid chilling/fast freezing zones.
  • TITAN acoustic cabins reduce DB emissions permitting 24/7 running in residential zones
  • Roof area can be utilised for TITAN 4PEOPLE offices and related products
  • Low cost of ownership irrespective of your preference to own or to hire
  • Fast lead-time from order to delivery


Want to know more? Contact your local TITAN office or representative for further details.

Oh, back to Antarctica. TITAN has delivered ArcticStores and new standard refrigerated containers to Antarctica so it isn’t totally empty!