TITAN Supplies New Zealand’s Largest Food Show

29-07-2016 - 02:40

Hoping to top last years 300 exhibitors and 35,093 visitors, this year TITAN was chosen as the supplier of both chilled and dry container storage for the Auckland Food Show 2016.

The event organisers had their first taste of Arctic Stores earlier in the month at the smaller Fine Food Show – exhibitor feedback was excellent, with the easy open doors by far being the most popular feature.

In  order to securely store product for exhibitors TITAN  Containers NZ supplied 2  x 40 Arctic Stores for frozen product, 8 x 40’ an d 1 x 20’  Arctic Stores for chilled product and  9 x 40’ Dry Containers for product and promotional material that is not temperature sensitive. Even when they realised a 7:30pm the night before the show opened that they needed one more container than they ordered – We still managed to get one on site by 8:00 am to their great relief.

With literally hundred of people in and out of the containers daily the lighting and person trapped alarm were welcome features for exhibitors. Many Exhibitors with limited storage on their stand will be replenishing stock from the storage containers multiple times per day – the easy open doors ensured anyone could open them and were also able to close them again when finished.