TITAN delivered its new modular office containers in Hungary

29-04-2017 - 17:52

TITAN4People – bespoken office solutions for any purpose delivered in days without compromise.

With the new TITAN4People flexible offices we can easily create offices according to your need just in a few days.

These modular system can be assembled in many ways to satisfy the need.


Standard 20’ model comes with a door on the short side, 2 windows on one of the long sides and a sanitary window, but we can place the doors, windows, electric sockets according to the need of the customers.


Tell us if you need toilets, showers or even kitchen to be combined with the office space  with dividing internal wall and we can easily make it in a few days so that you can get exactly what you need.


With the modular system we can create larger offices, or office complexes by building 2, 3, 4, …or as many units as needed with corridors, staircases and sanitary units…etc.


TITAN4People flatpack containers are produced in Europe and are made of the best quality materials according to the European standards with all required certificates.


Why compromise if you can get what you need?


Available for rental and sales, contact us for further details ar for quotes!