Some of the dry special containers

available for hire aND SALE from TITAN

20' full side access containers

Are available in normal height and as hicube. With side opening in one or both sides and in one or both ends.

These are the ultimate containers for easy access to stored commodities whilst at the same time everything is protected by steel.

20' and 40' double door containers

Are a regularly built to meet the increasing demand for this flexible dry van.

8'6" or 9'6" models are available. 40' units include gooseneck tunnels. The extra doors are locked internally and the containers are marked to assist terminal operators to identify the real door end whilst under 1-way use from factories.

20' and 40' high cubes

Are almost always available for prompt use from factory stock.

For the evironmentally aware most container types are available with bamboo flooring instead of traditional hardwood plywood.

10' or 10'/8' sets

Including approved connector or welded joints are just another of our standard special range.

Whilst blue RAL 5013 is our standard colour for most special dry van containers we build in a range of colours for stock and of course against order.

Your house markings can of course be included when ordering with TITAN