reduce your cost of renting
through power savings!
these can be more than the rental rate!

ArcticStores are purpose built for refrigerated storage and those that feature 380/440V have new technology power efficient refrigeration plant. Performance of single phase refrigeration may not be the same.

Rental is only part of the cost of operating refrigerated storage containers:

Power consumption is an inevitable cost and in general then older the container and machine the greater the power consumption.

We tested under identical conditions our 2 preferred refrigeration machines against TITAN's own used equipment. As a result and apart from exceptional circumstances we do not rent used ex shipping line or leasing company reefer containers for rental.

New machinery power savings speak for themselves but this is only part of the real story. There are other key elements that also contribute to even greater savings when in use!

Container doors - air leakage

These are often a source of significant air leakage when the doors are old and door gaskets broken, even if repaired!

Container doors - in and out

Standard container doors are difficult to open and close properly and they are therefore often left at 60-80% closed increasing further the air and cold leakage. Further, ArcticStores include sliding air curtains that reduce heat gain whilst the doors are open.

Pull down time

Power use when pulling down is close to maximum therefore with the much faster pull down time of our new technology machines reduces the total daily power consumption significantly.

In North American summer heat the savings will be even better - perhaps the rental is really for free?

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