ArcticStore moves in

04-07-2020 - 15:40

Phase 1 of TITAN's U.S. market development nears completion with the first wave of brand new ArcticStore refrigerated storage containers now arriving in depots in strategic locatons.

Door gear is protected for shipment
  • Door gear is protected for shipment
  • Door gear is protected for shipment

ArcticStores are purpose built reefer containers designed solely for temperature controlled storage applications. The entire container has the customer's benefit in focus. The very easy to open and close doors, non-slip easy to keep clean flat floor, internal lighting, pause refrigeration switch are just a few of the great user friendly attributes. Internal door release, man trapped alarm with 2 beacon option and an escape hatch so workplace safety can hardly be better! 


There are 3 sizes; 10ft, 20ft and 40ft models. All that is different is the length! Oh, and the 40's are high cube.


All electric refrigeration is provided by the highly reliable and extremely power efficient TK Magnum plus. Operating range -40°F to +113°F


SmartArctic remote monitoring and control hardware is fitted. Subscription is optional, very inexpensive but highly advantageous bringing full control and visibility to devices, laptops or workstations where you need or where you are.


With 4 locations on the west coast, Houston, Miami and Chicago TITAN is already well placed to serve some key markets with local availability and prompt delivery. With a stock at the factory we can despatch new ArcticStores direct to many other states. Additional locations with day to day supply, including the east coast, are due to follow with Phase 2.


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