Used refrigerated shipping containers

23-07-2015 - 12:23

Hire and sale of 10', 20' and 40' new and used refrigerated shipping and storage containers

Used reefer containers:

20' and 40' used refrigerated shipping containers are available in running and non-operating condition.

Whilst normally 15-20 years old when sold by initial owners newer used reefer containers are available from time to time.



EU environmental legislation restricts the sale of old used refrigerated containers due to refrigerants and/or insulation blowing agents. Non EU compliant containers may only be sold outside of the EU or for export to outside of the EU.



New reefer containers:

TITAN supply new 10', 20' and 40' standard refrigerated shipping containers with industry standard aluminium T-section floors and standard double container doors. Bespoke models can be supplied.



For use as cold storage containers we recommend ArcticStores. See all the advantages here