saving money through Power efficiency

23-07-2015 - 13:30

Container insulation values and modern technology refrigeration ensure minimal power consumption. The addition of air curtains, easy to open and close doors (on most models) and non-heat generating LED lighting add to the power savings. 

Worldwide over 80% and in many countries 100% of the TITAN portable cold store rental fleet has new power efficient refrigeration. Since 2008 TITAN has invested millions in new portable cold stores bringing all the advantages of better insulation values and lower power costs to all our customers.

The comparisons are between marine refrigeration machinery manufacturers and models. As a general rule modern marine refrigeration is more power efficient than road trailer refrigeration.

Some facts:

  • The larger the volume of goods in the container the lower the power.
  • Power consumption is strongly influenced by door openings and good user discipline to minimise heat gain through open doors
  • Due to fast pulldown, savings with modern machines are even greater when doors are often opened.
  • Economy mode running was included on A and B graphs. Economy mode is available on around 70% of our units and can be selected at chill temperatures.
  • Over 70% of the TITAN rental fleet feature modern technology TK Magnum plus or Daikin LCE refrigeration.