Useful accessories to make great even better!

23-07-2015 - 10:31

Enhance your experience with TITAN Containers range of accessories to refrigerated container models.

Data logger, personnel alarm & internal lighting:

These are standard in the majority of our rental containers. 


Accoustic Cabins:

All refrigeration generate noise emissions that in residential areas may exceed the permitted levels especially for night time running. For many years we have offered DB reduction to under permitted maximums through our accoustic cabins. These include electrical ventilation of the cabin ensuring a constant air flow to the refrigeration plant to avoid over heating.


Support Legs:

Purpose built supports that place the container(s) at the required height for loading bays or direct level access from buildings. Far safer than using pallets for this purpose and a lot less expensive than trailer hire unless extreme short term hire.



We have an assortmernt of ramps to suit different loading weights.


Meat rails & shelving:

We have a range of extra fittings that are available. We prefer supply ex-factory of special storage application models.