20' and 40' shipping containers for hire and sale for international and domestic logistics and transport.

SOC - Shippers Own Containers

It can pay to use a Shippers Own Container to avoid demurrage that is often $10-50 per day! Cargo worthy SOC with valid CSC plates can be bought or hired from TITAN. Certificates of compliance, as may be requested by carriers, are supplied with prior agreement.

20' and 40' standard, high cubes, open tops and flat racks are the most common types used as Shippers Own Containers but all our ISO types can be supplied. See 1-way leasing.

Whilst most shipping lines supply the containers as part of their shipping services under some circumstances this may not be the preferred or most beneficial solution.

Shipping Lines need to have the container returned to the port and there are only a few days after arrival to empty and return the container before the line starts to charge container demurrage. A expensive penalty for keeping the container.

SOC are also known as last trip containers.

CSC - Container Safety Convention

The international Container Safety Convention is the globally adopted health and safety criteria ensuring safety at work for all involved in container handling.

All containers need a valid CSC plate when being used as a container for transport.

Under the Periodic Examination Scheme or PES new containers are given 5 year validity, there after this can be extended by maximum 30 months from the current date after an inspection of the container.

Some major container owners have registered by HSE for ACEP, Automatic Container Examination Program, which as the title suggest requires audited continuous inspection of containers.