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Cold and hot temperature controlled storage containers and cold rooms

ArcticStore is a marketing brand of TITAN Containers
Accurate, reliable and cost effective solutions - from small to very large - all our products employ modern power efficient refrigeration

10', 20' & 40' ArcticStores

These are our standard, extremely user friendly, rental portable cold store. Standard features include easy opening doors, flat floor, internal lighting and ramp.
- Flat non-slip aluminium floor
- Internal lighting
- Man trap alarm
- Low power consumption
- Easy 1 hand operation doors
- Thermo King - Daikin - Hubbard

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20' & 40' Arctic SuperStores

Purpose built modules that when combined provide uninterrupted storage space from 26m2 (20') and 58m2 (40') to just as big as you require. SuperStores have identical user friendly features to ArcticStores above.

- Designed by TITAN in conjunction with container and refrigeration manufacturers the Arctic SuperStore provides fast and very cost effective large scale hygienic storage extra wide cold store capacity.
- From 25m2 to as big as you need
- Flexible door arrangements
- available with internal dividing wall and doors
- very low power consumption

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10' - 20' - 40' fods Standard Reefer containers -60/-40C to +60C

- T section floor
- normal container doors
- low power consumption
- -60C requires special design/refigeration

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To operate at -60C requires both a special refrigeration machine which includes 2 compressors but also a special container design to compensate for material shrinkage and the extreme vacuum created under pull-down.

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10' - 20' DNV Refrigerated containers -40C to +30C

- DNV 2.7-1/EN 12079-1
- Original construction
- with pad eyes & corner castings
- stainless steel interior panels
- aluminium floor

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Special Models

- how it looks
- what it does

- this is up to you and your requirements!

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ArcticStore is a TITAN Containers brand name

Further information is available on all our refrigerated products and services HERE.