New iso 1-trip Containers for hire and sale


Regular production ensures a continuous flow of new containers into our depots in Cork, Dublin, Galway and Belfast

New containers - many advantages

We normally have dark green and/or blue new containers in our Irish depots. We often build containers in more than 15 different colours & shades. We can even build in your specific colour if desired.

New containers come with many advantages:

  • Sensible height door handles when using on the ground
  • Factory built lockbox
  • Eco-friendly bamboo flooring

From time to time we have like new PREMIUM grade containers for sale. Typically a few years old but in alsmost perfect shape. Great quality for a slightly lower price.

Due to the many handlings between factories and our depots it is inevitable that some small damages may occur on the way.

We normally have the following new container types on stock. If not in Ireland then in Europe from where we can inexpensively move to where you require.

8' Standard Shipping Container
10' Standard Shipping Container
10' Refrigerated Container/ArcticStore
20' Standard Shipping Container
20' HiCube Shipping Container
20' Double Door Shipping Container
20' Full Side Access Shipping Container
20' Open Top
20' Refrigerated Container/ArcticStore
40' Standard Shipping Container
40' HiCube Shipping Container
40' Double Door Shipping Container
40' Open Top
40' HiCube Refrigerated Container/ArcticStore